What is the martial arts code of conduct? The code of conduct represents a system of social skills that, when practiced along with the physical components of martial arts training, form the foundation of all martial arts.

Although the code may vary slightly from school to school there are some rules and behaviors that all students are expected to follow:

  • Behave honorably. Always treat others with respect.
  • Practice humility. Recognize that you are a member of a group sharing common goals and interests and that progress is always achieved as part of a team.
  • Never use profanity or coarse language in class. Show respect for other’s beliefs and opinions.
  • Always exercise self-control. Never lose your temper or react in anger.
  • Set a good example. Your behavior always sets an example for those students in lower ranks.
  • Practice cleanliness and order. The condition of your school is a reflection of its students, be proud of your reflection.
  • Always listen attentively to the instructor. Raise your hand if you have a question and wait patiently for the answer.
  • Come early to class. It is always a good idea to give yourself extra time. Prompt and regular attendance shows respect to your instructor and fellow students.
  • Remember that your actions outside the school reflect its character and spirit. You are an ambassador of your school. Always behave appropriately with good manners and respect.

Finally, the most important thing to remember when we refer to the martial arts code of conduct is that they are guidelines designed to help your child to learn and grow in a safe, positive, and fun environment where the emphasis is on the development of good character, self-esteem and physical fitness.