How to Help Children Build Self-Confidence

Tony Buchanan, guest contributor When children are struggling in school, frustration that results from such failures can be overwhelming and daunting especially to the young children. Research has shown that children develop their self-confidence through their achievements. As children accomplish these achievements, they feel more capable, competent, and ready to…Read More

4 Ways to Increase Your Child’s Confidence

By Lauren Tessin, Guest contributor When it comes to children, they have a mind of their own.  Like anyone, they all have different personalities and have had different life experiences to help shape their personality.  Although there are many different traits we would like to see our children have, confidence…Read More

Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Although we sometimes talk about confidence as something that a person “has,” confidence actually involves a very specific set of behaviors. Identifying these traits as desirable is the first step. Children need a clear set of expectations that they understand are important and know they must follow. To help them…Read More

Why It Hurts to Be Shy

Children who are quiet and unassertive find it difficult to interact with both peers and adults. They can find themselves overlooked in both school and social settings. To “break out of their shells,” they must learn to build friendships and gain leadership skills – both essential qualities for personal development….Read More

Growing Stronger Character

What does it mean to grow strong character? In general, the term character, as applied to a person, is represented by the values and qualities that make us who we are, that shape our attitudes and behaviors. So, when we say that someone has a strong character, we mean that…Read More

Small Acts, Big Goals Build Confidence

It is our experience in our martial arts schools that when we start to build a child’s confidence, his or her self-assuredness builds and gains momentum. The best way to start your child on this path upward is to start by giving him or her small, relatively attainable goals. For…Read More

The Look of Confidence

How do you describe confidence? There are some definite physical qualities involved in projecting the look of confidence. These qualities include: * Great posture * Good eye contact * A loud and clear voice Eye contact: In our martial arts classes we demand that our students look us in the…Read More

Self Confidence

A child with good self confidence is easy to spot in a crowd. He or she possesses a bright, engaging smile and a positive attitude. Effortlessly, this child makes friends and accepts leadership opportunities. Timid and shy children, however, are too often relegated to the sidelines. For these children, the…Read More

Turning Loners Into Leaders

Why do some children shy away from participating in activities? It’s certainly not because they lack the ability to kick a ball or skills to raise their hand in class. Shyness and a lack of self confidence force children onto the sidelines and away from the action. Children who fail…Read More