Children who are quiet and unassertive find it difficult to interact with both peers and adults. They can find themselves overlooked in both school and social settings.

To “break out of their shells,” they must learn to build friendships and gain leadership skills – both essential qualities for personal development.

If your child is shy, it might be hard to imagine him or her putting on a uniform, stepping onto the mat and learning martial arts.

Martial arts instructors understand this fear and can turn such experiences into powerful lessons of empowerment.

Martial arts instructors undergo extensive training. They know how to build an excellent rapport by offering plenty of praise and encouragement.

It is their job to bring out the best in every child.

Children respond well to this positive encouragement, where they can learn and overcome the barrier of shyness. They learn not only martial arts, but role playing activities discuss issues such as how to look an adult in the eye, hold a conversation and offer a firm handshake.

This is confidence that shows – and it’s how we define a good attitude. These are the life skills children take home with every lesson.