What does it mean to grow strong character?
In general, the term character, as applied to a person, is represented by the values and qualities that make us who we are, that shape our attitudes and behaviors.
So, when we say that someone has a strong character, we mean that they are demonstrating some combination of the following positive traits that make them good friends, citizens and family members:
  • Honesty – with themselves and with others at all times
  • Fairness – in all dealings with others, even when it means self-sacrifice
  • Self-discipline – able to set goals for themselves and meet them with persistence and good humor
  • Responsibility – willing to take responsibility for their behavior and follow through with their commitments
  • Courage – willing to stand up for ones own beliefs and in the defense of others
  • Respect – for oneself, their own beliefs and the beliefs and standards of others
  • Compassion – for all people and other living things including empathy for the feelings of others
  • Good citizenship – civic pride, a willingness to demonstrate community service and concern

As parents, we can help our children to develop the attributes that help build good character by setting limits, having realistic expectations and providing them with opportunities to build good values.