A child with ADHD doesn’t need to have difficulty in school. Here are five ways parents can help a child with ADHD succeed in school:


Create a routine for the child

Children with ADHD especially benefit from consistent structure.

Wake the child early enough so that mornings are not rushed. Allow time for a balanced breakfast and interacting with the family. Plan an after-school snacktime to refuel the child’s brain before tackling homework. Ensure that the child goes to bed early enough to get sufficient sleep.


Reinforce proper school time behavior

It is tempting to allow a child with ADHD to stand while doing homework and not do all the work at once or to zone out when he or she should be focused. However, it is important to replicate the school environment as closely as possible during homework time.

This reinforcement will help the child to understand what is expected of him or her at home and at school.


Be a resource, not a crutch

All kids need a little help with their homework every once in a while, but it is important to help and not hinder.

Doing a project for a child is hindering his or her learning. No matter how frustrated or distracted a child gets, it is important that he or she does homework mostly without parents’ assistance. Parents can help explain concepts and review work, but they should let the child work independently after that.


Reinforce appropriately

Parents should talk about how well a child solved a problem and praise the work and effort put into it. These are the things a child remembers when he or she works on another problem. It builds confidence and self–sufficiency.


Show that you are calm

Understand that children with and without ADHD can lose interest in lessons. Every kid gets a low grade every now and then. Parents should take a deep breath before reacting or getting too worried. This will also help the child not to overreact to a situation.

Parents are integral in helping a child with ADHD succeed in school. These steps will help such a child to be more successful in school.