Although bullying has long been a part of playground dynamics, media coverage has shone a national spotlight on it that has heightened the awareness of the problem among parents, teachers, school officials, and students. With roughly one in three schoolchildren in grades six through 10 having at least one encounter with a bully, more people than ever are looking for effective ways to stop bullying among schoolchildren.

Opinion is also changing substantially concerning the best ways to stop bullying. Victims of bullies used to be told to ignore the situation or to fight back, but today’s experts don’t agree that either of these are viable solutions.


Stop bullying with body language

Bullies are generally very insecure people who use their powers of intimidation to give themselves the sense of power that they lack deep down. They have almost perfect radar when it comes to selecting their victims. The best way to avoid becoming targeted by a bully is to exude a healthy sense of confidence. Body language speaks volumes, for instance.

Those who stand up straight and walk with purpose are less likely to be approached and harassed by a bully. The average bully is looking for easy targets, so the most effective ways to prevent bullying all involve not being vulnerable to their attacks.

The type of confidence that generally stops bullying in its tracks can be expressed in a variety of ways. Good posture, with shoulders back and head up, is a great indicator to a bully that his or her attentions will not be well-received.

However, its wise to be prepared in case the bully doesn’t get the message. Self-defense or martial arts classes can work wonders to dissuade bullies.


Stop bullying through bystander intervention

One of the best ways to prevent bullying is for those who witness it either online or in real life to speak up.

Some people think its a problem if it is only happening to them or to one of their friends and therefore fail to say anything if they see it happening to someone else. However, one of the most powerful forces in nature when it come to adolescents is peer pressure, and the disapproval and intervention of the bully’s peers can go a long way toward preventing bullying.

In short, the most effective ways to prevent bullying include exhibiting an aura of confidence, being aware of surroundings, developing some self defense skills, and bringing the behavior of bullies to those with a ability and the authority to put a stop to it.