A new app for Android and Apple devices was recently released with the goal of putting an end to cyberbullies.

The app is called StopIt and has four different features designed to allow the victims of cyberbullies to respond in various ways.

  1. StopIt saves messages the child feels is mean or offensive and forwards it to an adult the child has chosen. If that message is reported, an automatic message is sent to the cyberbully telling them to stop.
  2. HelpIt gives the child access to groups that will help the child deal with the emotional effects of the bullying.
  3. FriendIt lets children anonymously report acts of bullying that they witness.
  4. ReportIt gives victims an easy way get protection from serious cases of cyberbullying and can alert the authorities if deemed necessary.

Of course relying on an app to stop a child from being bullied is not a standalone answer. Other measures need to be taken to address bullying, prevent it from happening and educating children on how to respond if they are bullied.

There is also no word on how effective it actually is at stopping online bullying. But hopefully the StopIt app can be a useful tool in the fight against cyberbullies.