As a parent, there is nothing more agonizing than knowing your child is suffering from the emotional abuse of a bully.

If you, too, were bullied as a child, you know yourself that the scars can take a lifetime to heal.

Sadly, children who are quiet, shy and unassuming tend to get bullied. For such children, it is essential that they turn their attitude around and learn the steps they must take to avoid this problem.

Martial arts schools teach children exactly how to make the bullying stop — and it doesn’t involve fighting. Along with the martial arts skills, children learn how to deflect verbal and physical confrontation through role-playing exercises and guidelines.

We clearly spell out the procedure to use in dangerous situations: When they are harassed by a bully, children need to understand there is a very specific course of action that must be taken.

Martial arts students learn how to be in control during such situations – so on the playground, bullies get the message.